“Catching the Sun” – new Film showing April 27 & 29th

We’ve scheduled several showings of this excellent new film “Catching the Sun”.   As we celebrate Earth Day this year, this film provides some insight into the growing movement toward a solar-powered world.   Scheduled in Glendale CA on April 29th.  and Sebastopol, CA on April 27th.  for other locations check the film website.

Award-winning filmmaker and eco-activist Shalini Kantayya’s documentary broadens the often faceless climate change debate to include people of color and explore the possibilities of social and economic justice in a soon-to-be solar-powered world.
— Julie Anderson, LA Film Festival


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2016 Summer Institute for Educators… registration now open

The 5-day Solar Schoolhouse Summer Institute for Educators (SIE) for 2016 is scheduled for July 24th-29th, in Sebastopol, California. This the 14th year we’ve offered this solar energy  professional development experience for educators.  Consistent themes are hands-on, relevant, real-world… and fun!  As you explore Climate Science and it’s effects with your students, it’s important to provide an element of hope… through exploring clean energy options. Increased solar literacy provides students the necessary tools to become active participants as we move toward a clean energy future.

Educators at the 2015 Summer Institute share their finished projects.

Educators at the 2015 Summer Institute share their finished projects.

2RockSolar_20120302 007-ParallelPowerSMParticipating Educators learn the fundamentals and history of passive solar design, solar thermal, and solar electricity, then apply these lessons in a variety of projects (simple solar ovens, model solar homes, solar powered fountains, cell phone chargers, LED lights, and more).  Lessons are adapted to your teaching situation and aligned with Common Core & Next Generation Science Standard goals.

Limited scholarships are available. To Learn more and to Register visit http://solarschoolhouse.org/sie2016/

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Climate Change ignites interest in Clean Energy


Educators march for Climate Change action in Oakland CA on Nov. 21.  Tor Allen (Rahus-Solar Schoolhouse) and teacher Sunny Galbraith advocate for the clean energy path forward.  Educators participating in the Paris Climate Talks (COP21) highlight the need for greater climate science and clean energy study in k12 schools as a key piece to shaping a clean energy future.  Knowledge is power!  Introduce your students to renewable energy through a variety of hands-on, project-based activities.  Explore the Solar Schoolhouse website for ideas.  Call or email with questions.

Links to Climate Education and Paris Climate talks

Alliance for Climate Education – blog and facebook

Stanford tackling Climate Change on campus and in the classroom

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