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Watt Trekker 2016: The SMUD Tiny House Competition

Solar Schoolhouse and the Watt Trekker crew visited SMUD’s Tiny House Competition, October 2016, in Sacramento, California. Participating college teams have designed and built energy efficient and solar powered tiny homes, as potential affordable solution for housing. We spoke with

Earthday 2016 @ the Solar Discovery Faire

On Earthday 2016, Rosemont Middle School in Southern California hosted the annual Solar Discovery Faire. The event was organized by Solar Schoolhouse, sponsored by Glendale Water & Power, and run by district teachers and student volunteers.  The community was invited

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The 2015 Solar Decathlon Village…opening Oct. 8th in So California

College teams from across the country are hitting the road to Irvine, California, where a Solar Village made of 16 student-designed/built solar homes will emerge in this 2015 rendition of the Solar Decathlon.   The village will be open for tours

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Solar Potluck – Sharing a meal cooked by the sun

“What to bring?” to a ‘solar’ potluck? The answer is just about anything that you’d cook in an oven or simmer on the stove. Rahus/Solar Schoolhouse recently hosted a solar potluck in Sebastopol. Without much orchestration, just the right amount

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