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View “Ice on Fire” Film on HBO

As a potential film for your class, to introduce climate science and solutions… View the Trailer on HBO. [click image below] Promo Produced by Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio, George DiCaprio and Mathew Schmid and directed by Leila Conners, Ice on Fire

March 15th Climate Strike…with your students..

Recently when visiting a middle school class, I shared about Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teen that has inspired youth all over the world to hold Climate Strikes, and one coming up in the US next Friday March 15th.  I was

Youth Climate Trial Update 2018.11.25

article and photos by Lucia Garay , student @ Casa Grande High School, Petaluma, CA. Posted 11.25.2018 On Monday, October 29th, twenty-one youth and the thousands supporting them lined up outside of the federal courthouse to speak, sing, protest, and

Exploring at the Solar Discovery Faire

[July 14, 2018] Our annual Solar Discovery Faire, held in Glendale, CA, provided an opportunity for students and teachers to share solar energy explorations with the community. The video below highlights the ingredients we had in this version of the

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