Solar Cell Classroom Set

SolarCellClassroom_Set_smSolar Schoolhouse makes Solar Cell Classroom Sets for hands-on explorations of solar power and electricity. The User Guide shows how to use & maintain this equipment, and includes a number of student exercises for developing an understanding of basic electric theory and the photovoltaic effect. There are also troubleshooting tips and suggestions for repairing solar cells.

Activities using the Solar Schoolhouse Solar Cell Classroom Set range from qualitative to quantitative experiences. Solar cells can be used with kindergarten classes to experience the photovoltaic effect (sunlight makes the motor spin) or with colleges and trade schools to plot the IV curves of solar modules. Students can build simple circuits to power a variety of electrical loads. Radios, motors, a water pump, even model cars and homes can be powered with the Solar Cell Classroom Set. Some classes make solar power plants to run miniature “utility grids” in their classroom. Using this set, students develop their scientific observation skills, meet the standards while studying electricity, and learn about renewable energy sources. Most importantly, these activities show students positive alternatives for our energy future, and foster optimism, excitement, and a sense of purpose.

Solar Cell Classroom Set v.20090501v2-1 [1.7MB pdf] low resolution

Solar Cell Classroom Set v.20090501 [6MB pdf] high resolution

Additional Documents for Project or Activity Extensions

4 Sided reflector increases Performance of Solar Cell

4 Sided reflector increases Performance of Solar Cell

Creating a 4 sided reflector to increase Power output from the mini (0.5v*400mA) solar cell.
Template for making 4 sided reflector using metalic hvac tape as reflective material. [400kb pdf. 20160924 T.Allen]


Tips for Building Solar Circuits (click image to download printable pdf)

Tips for Building Solar Circuits (click image to download printable pdf) posted 2017.06.08












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