Solar Fountains






Solar Fountain Sculpture Set in Action. Clear pipe provides ability to view water flow rates. “Deluxe” set includes 4 – 3V*1A solar modules which can be wired in series to produce a 12v power supply for the pump and fountain. Other 12v solar module options can also be used.

Solar Fountain Sculpture Set [User Guide v20110929  3.3 MB pdf]
available via Solar Schoolhouse Store

“Make a Solar Fountain” Solar Schoolhouse article in Home Power Magazine (2005) [1.8 MB PDF]

Photo Collage of Solar fountains “Run by the Sun”  from past Solar Schoolhouse Calendars [900kB PDF]

[Teaching Solar] Solar Water Pumping [PDF]

[Teaching Solar] Building a Solar Fountain [PDF]


View pictures of various Solar Schoolhouse Solar Fountain Projects

View pictures and commentary of Solar Fountain Sculpture Sets in use at an event in Sacramento. [20170427]


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