New Catalog February 2022

Long overdue, we’ve finally updated our SOLAR SCHOOLHOUSE CATALOG

The new SOLAR CELL CLASSROOM SET (SCS4) has more solar cells, motors, wheels & fans for exploration activities, but also is designed to be used for projects such as THE SOLAR CARNIVAL or SOLAR WHIRLYGIGS, and can be used for SOLAR SPINART projects as well.  Materials in the Classroom Set are intended to be reused each school year.

The SOLAR FOUNTAIN SCULPTURE SET has been updated to include a solar module on a binder for ease in orientation adjustments, and packaged in a clear plastic box that also serves as the water basin for the fountain.  A series of ENGINEERING SOLAR SOLUTIONS challenges accompany this engaging activity.

This past year, the SOLAR WHIRLYGIG project has been popular among students, with an opportunity to study solar circuits AND get creative. This a low-cost option for students to make and keep for themselves.

For the past 8 years we’ve made and distributed various versions of the SOLAR NOTEBOOK.  It’s now in our catalog!  The SOLAR NOTEBOOK is designed to charge cell phones or powerbanks, for emergency or routine use.  Some versions include a powerbank along with USB LED lightbulbs and lightsticks.  These are a great project not only for students, but for students to offer to your community.

Our New Poster – THE MAGIC OF SOLAR CELLS encourages students to study the many different ways we use photovoltaics (solar cells) around the world, helping to gain a greater perspective on the versatility of this amazing technology. Our Goal in offering Solar Educational kits is to encourage further exploration of solar energy technology and design, through hands-on and project-based strategies.

WE currently sell only to SCHOOLS or other EDUCATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS.
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Happy Winter Solstice!
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The Magic of Solar Cells!

Powering our World with Sunshine

A good way to start exploring solar electricity in your classroom.

[April 14, 2021] We have a new video and poster to share! The video provides a short history of the development of the solar cell (aka photovoltaic cell), then describes some of the many ways we use this amazing, and magical, technology around the world. The poster could brighten up your classroom, providing the start of some intriguing discussion.

Brighten your classroom wall and ignite some great discussions about how solar cells are used and around the world. Copies of the poster are available for purchase at