2021 Glendale Solar Discovery Days

Check out a few of the solar whirlygig creations from the 2021 Solar Discovery Days

Solar Whirlygig Creations from Cerritos Elementary School (video above and slides below)
Sample Solar Whirlygig creations: (left to Right) Solar Carnival rocket ride, the 690 Solar Ventilator Whirlygig kit, Solar Spin Art, and the B2 solar whirlygig

[Students] Share your creation.

Even though the competition is over, we’re excited to see your solar whirlygig creation!. Follow this link to a form to enter your information and upload a picture and video of your creation. First you’ll need to review the video and poster The Magic of Solar Cells, do a little bit of research on one of the uses of solar cells, and answer some questions, along with a picture and short video of your whirlygig creation. More details are on the form. Thanks for sharing! We may include your picture/video in a compilation video of this project, as a way to encourage other schools/classes to try a similar class activity.

[Educators] Requesting kits.

[April 19, 2021] Thanks to the incredible response we’ve exhaust our supply of whirlygig kits. If you’re an educator in Glendale, CA please share your interest in receiving solar educational resources for the coming school year (2021-22)
email Tor with any questions glendale@solarschoolhouse.org.

Tips for building Solar Whirlygigs

A solar whirlygig (aka a solar kinetic sclupture) includes a solar cell, a motor, fan or wheel, and some creativity. They come in different shapes and sizes. This spring we’re sharing the #A4, #B2B, and #690WG kits with students in Glendale. Some of these are made using ‘vintage’ solar cells, that have been in storage for too long, and are excited to exercise their power. For some tips in building the Solar Whirlygigs follow these links:
#A4 and B2(B) – solarschoolhouse.org/whirlygig/
#690WG – solarschoolhouse.org/690whirlygig/

Questions? send them to glendale@solarschoolhouse.org