2022 Ecovillage Challenge

Ecovillage Challenge: Share your experience (pictures of Ecohouses, Ecovillage, and letters), and provide some feedback on the project so we can make it better for next time. Click on this link here.

What is the Ecovillage Project?

The Ecovillage is a new project from Solar Schoolhouse in 2022. The Ecovillage project helps tie together your existing 3rd Grade curriculum.  The primary link is with the community lessons of your existing social  studies curriculum.   The Ecovillage can be set up in your class near a window and referred to over the course of a semester as you work through existing social studies lessons(community, citizenship), math (area, perimeter), ELA (letter writing), Science/Engineering (weather, design), and Art. The Ecovillage Project introduces sustainability concepts and vocabulary through the theme of community and home.

The Ecovillage is made of a 2 ft x 4 ft piece of plywood and includes a Clean Power Grid. A small Solar Panel placed in the window of your classroom and connected to the Clean Power Grid, powers small LED lights placed on model homes and community buildings. Paper templates are also provided for making Ecohouses. The Ecovillage model provides a hands-on component to enhance your class curriculum, and excite your students.

Free for Glendale CA 3rd gr Educators

Thanks to our partnership with Glendale Water & Power, we can offer these FREE materials for your classroom. Watch the Ecovillage Orientation Video to learn how to integrate the Ecovillage into your classroom. Then request your FREE Ecovillage Classroom Set to use this Winter/Spring 2022. The Set will be shipped directly to your school in early February 2022. Instructions for setting up are included. We have limited supplies so get your request in asap.

What is the 2022 Ecovillage Challenge?

(for Glendale CA schools Spring 2022). Any 3rd grade class that completes a few steps by May 1st, 2022 will receive solar ambassador gifts for each participating student in the class. Follow the directions in the Ecovillage Classroom Set and complete the project as a class. Upload the following pictures on the Solar Schoolhouse google form.

1.Share pictures of a few of the student made Ecohouses.

2. Share a few pictures of your completed class village

3. Take pictures of several of the completed student letters to upload to the form. Letters should be about the Ecovillage and Ecohouse. Should be legible.

. 2022 Ecovillage Challenge Flier (PDF)

Ecovillage Orientation for Educators

View this presentation by Anya Bergman (former 3rd grade teacher at GUSD) describing how this project can be integrated into your classroom using your existing curriculum.

Documents referenced in the Orientation video above

Ecovillage Presentation SLIDES (view mode- make a copy for your own use. Includes Slides to share with students)

Ecovillage Reader & Worksheet. Make a copy for your own use.
[March 24, 2022]Christine Ramirez (Cerritos Elementary) shares that she is using the Reader & worksheet, but has separated the pages into focused documents when sharing with her students

Glendale Community Changemakers – Profiles of Glendale Locals making a difference.

Supplement your Social Studies lesson for this project reading and discussing these Glendale Locals and their efforts to make a difference in the community.

Laura Friedman, California State Assemblywoman, and former Mayor of Glendale. [PDF]

Dan Brotman, Glendale City Councilman, Glendale College Professor, and co-founder of Glendale Environmental Coalition. [PDF]

Tips for Setting up the Ecovillage

Click on the Image above to view the Ecovillage Classroom Setup Tips

Request Ecovillage Classroom Set

Click on the image above or this LINK to Request your Ecovillage Classroom Set.

Ecovillage Classroom Set Materials from Solar Schoolhouse (shipped to your school).

  • 24” x 48” plywood Ecovillage Layout with integrated Clean Power Grid. 
  • 1 – 3V*1A Solar Panel – to light up the LED lights in the Ecovillage.
  • 30 – LED lights with wires & clips. The Lights turn on even inside the classroom, when connected to the solar panel placed in a window, or with a table lamp as energy source.
  • 1 – 10ft extension wire with clips, to connect Solar Panel in classroom window to the Clean Power Grid
  • Colored Pencil sets for each student. 
  • 30 Printed Ecohouse templates on cardstock with Ecohouse features. 

You provide: Glue sticks, scotch tape, scissors. Misc recycled cardboard, milk cartons, colored construction paper, straws… for making additional communal features in the Ecovillage.

Ecovillage Additional Resources

Ecohouse Paper template (b/w) with Ecohouse Features [v20220121 PDF] Best if printed on #65 white cardstock.

[insert link to Ecovillage map for recreating your self – These are included in the Classroom Set. Map will be posted shortly]

[insert link to how to make an “underground” Clean Power Grid. Grid is currently built in to the Classroom Set. Plans for making your own will be posted shortly]]

Sunnybucks for introducing Money concepts (PDF Sheet of 5s) (PDF Sheet of 10s) Print on colored paper if available.



Contact Tor Allen at glendale@solarschoolhouse.org or call 707-829-3154 with any questions.

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