690 Solar Whirlygig Kit

690 Whirlygig GIF
The 690 Solar Whirlygig kit and some sample creations

The 690 Solar Whirlygig Kit includes the #690 Solar Ventilator (a vintage solar device from decades ago), several pipe cleaner pieces, a Solar Schoolhouse Screwdriver Set, UV Energy Beads, a foam block, sticker, and a ‘Discover Solar’ Window Decal. The Decal is for you to put somewhere else (car window, house window, etc.) to promote & share about Solar Energy.

The instructions here have minimal details so you can discover for yourself how to take apart (hack) the solar ventilator and create something new.

Ingredients of the 690 Solar Whirlygig Kit.
There is a piece of double-sided foam tape attached to the back of the solar panel, that can be used as a fastener.

The Challenge

The Challenge is to take apart the Solar Ventilator and create a solar kinetic sculpture. Kinetic solar sculptures are great ways to teach others about solar energy and how it works because you can see it in action!

When creating your own solar whirlygig,

  • don’t limit yourself to the materials in the kit. Add your own materials found around the house.
  • test out the kinetic creation indoors behind a sun filled window, as well as outdoors.
  • use as much of the original ventilator housing parts in your final creation, as possible. Not necessary, but it’s an extra challenge
  • experiment with different ways to attach items to the fan and blades.
  • note that there is a long wire between the fan and solar panel, wrapped around the panel.

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To have a chance to win some extra solar prizes (Solar Notebook (Cellphone) Charger, waterproof solar flashlight, solar radio, and more) go to this LINK to answer some questions and upload a picture and video of your solar creation.

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