Solar BoomBox

Building a boombox is a simple project requiring only a pair of recycled speakers, earbuds, and a box. Hook up an MP3 player with a solar charger and you have a Solar Boombox that lets you play your music anywhere.

Play volume is limited by speaker size, boombox design, and MP3 input. Want it louder? Add a solar powered amplifier to add some extra “boom.” Creativity is not limited. Boomboxes can be built with boxes and speakers of all sizes. Decoration of the device puts your personal touch on your gridfree music player.

SSH Calendar-13-v5_BoomBox

Instructions for building a Solar Boombox [PDF] v.20141028

Template and instructions for building a boombox using cardboard and 40mm speakers. [PDF] v.20130120

Boombox kits with 40mm and 100mm diameter speakers are available via the Solar Schoolhouse Store