Deming Public Schools

Teaching Solar Workshop

September 30, 2016   Registration  with Denise Ruttle –
Deming Public Schools – Deming, New Mexico

Who should attend?: Educators grades 3–12

Description: Interested in energizing your classrooms? Teachers attending this professional development workshop will learn about the science and history of heating, cooling and powering our homes with the Sun and how to integrate engaging, hands-on lessons into your classrooms.  Each participating school will receive a Teaching Solar Educator Set (solar cells, motors, fans, fountain set, DMMs, and more).  We’ll also build a mini-solar cooker and a solar cell phone charger.  Integrating solar energy into your curriculum can provide an element of excitement and engage your students in shaping a clean energy future.

Participating Educators will complete a short online course prior to the day of the workshop, to introduce the topic and some vocabulary, such that we can jump into the hands-on portion fairly quickly on the day of the workshop.  Link will be provided upon registration.

IMG_2276-SIE06-TORsmAbout the Instructor
Tor Allen, Founder and Director of The Rahus Institute and Solar Schoolhouse, lives in a solar home in Northern California, experimenting with solar energy, hosting solar potlucks, organizing community solar initiatives, and leading educator workshops.

Each School-Based Teaching Solar Educator Set will include:

Solar Cell Classroom Set – This set includes small and medium solar cells and loads, to facilitate exploration of the nuansces of how solar cells work.

Solar Fountain Sculpture Set – pumping water with solar cells is a great way to visualize how solar cells work.  The fountain materials encourages additional design challenges.

Classroom Digital Multimeter (DMM) Set (enabling investigation, exploration, testing, design).

Teaching Solar Guidebook – lessons, activities, science fair ideas, solar olympics, solar discovery faire…more.

Your Solar Home Student Guidebook (link to pdf review copy) and Video. The Art and Science of Heating, Cooling, and Powering your Home with the Sun.

Additional materials will be available to facilitate project building in your classrooms. .



Background:   In collaboration with Deming Public Schools, Luna County, and Turning Point Energy – Solar Schoolhouse is able to provide these workshops and materials for faculty and students in Deming Public Schools.


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