Solar Schoolhouse Deming 20190814

This page will describe the new set of Solar Schoolhouse Materials received by Deming Public Schools [August 14, 2019] and links to additional information on how to use them.

Solar Cell Classroom Set

Solar Cell Classroom Set – instructions, additional information posted here . Designed to engage a class in solar cell exploration activities. We’ve ADDED extra greeting card sound chips that play a tune with the proper solar circuit. The materials can also be used to power a project such as the Solar Carnival. The idea is to recapture the solar cells/motors after project completion for use the following year.

Solar Carnival Project using Classroom set.

Solar Cooking with SunOvens

In this photo, Mary Landau (GUSD) is cooking with a SunOven – capable of temperatures over 300F – at the Glendale Solar Discovery Faire.

Three new SunOvens have been received by Deming PS. We’ve included several dark colored pots/pans/cookie sheets (Graniteware) which works well in solar ovens. Research and solar cookers international websites for some recipes. Note that we’ve hosted several solar potlucks cooking only with solar ovens with great success. The Video below shows the steps to prep the SunOven before 1st use. These instructions are also printed and with the oven.

Solar Fountain Sculpture Set

Each of the schools that attended the Solar Schoolhouse workshop in Deming Fall 2016 received 1 Solar Fountain Sculpture Set. The District now has 10 more sets that can be shared among the schools. We’ve added a few more ideas for how to use the fountain set online plus the video below highlights these strategies.

Solar Etching Set

Demonstrating the sun’s power when focused, we’ve included several Solar Etching Sets to share in the district. These include magnifying glass and welding goggles. And a limited supply of wooden discs that can be made into medallions after creating solar etched art. We bought the wooden discs from this source if you want to get more. You’ll need to provide your own string for the medallions. Additional ideas and inspirations are posted here.

Solar Spin Art

The Solar Spin Art project is something we’ve developed this summer. There are 4 sets to share amongst the district schools. Find additional information on this page.

Solar Notebook Chargers

This is a solar powered cell phone and powerbank charger that can be used for routinely or for emergencies. It also includes two USB LED lights that plug into the powerbanks. There are only 10 kits here. It would best be for a middle or high school class that has room to build these and determine if they should make more for the community through workshops or other means. Notebook instructions are posted here.

Solar Notebook + E123 Charger

Solar Repair Soldering Set

Two soldering sets with stand, iron, solder wire and safety goggles are available.

For your Library…books, posters

Several Books were sent as a resource for you and your classroom. Drawdown – 100 Solutions to Reversing Global Warming. Teaching Solar Guidebook, Your Solar Home Student Guidebook, Solar Decathlon, Let It Shine- the 6000 year story of solar energy (John Perlin). Two posters – Your Solar Home, and Photovoltaics & Photosynthesis (10 sets).

Posters can ignite discussion in the classroom.

Contact Tor with any questions as you continue your solar explorations with your students. or 707-829-3154