YSH Student Guidebook Review Copy pdf [11 MB]

YSH Teacher’s Guide pdf [1MB]

YSH Educational Supplement (newspaper) 2016 edition [6.6 MB pdf]

Teaching Solar Guide Review Copy pdf [9MB]

Sunflower Student Guide [7.8 MB pdf] v.20120615

Sunflower Teachers Guide [8.3 MB pdf] v.20120615

Solar Lunchbox + LED Assembly Instructions [2 MB pdf] v.201401

Custom ‘Steampunk’ Module Instructions, [400kB] pdf v.20111204

Solar Cell Classroom Set – User Guide [2 MB pdf]  v.20090603

Solar Cell Student Set – Orientation [ 800 kB pdf] v.20120726

Solar Fountain Sculpture Set  – User Guide [ 3.5 MB pdf] v.20110929

Solar Power Monitor Set – User Guide [1.6 MB pdf] v.20100310

May 11 CleanEnergyRahus Tour Flier [pdf]   2 per page version [pdf]

Sample Solar School Poster w.o photo png     with photo png

XLS Solar Performance Lesson for Schaefer Elementary School [20140226]  DECK Monitoring


Energy Efficiency – Refrigerator and Heat Pump Water examples, Tor @ SIE2012 [2 MB pdf] v.20120628

Designing Solar Homes. ppt @ SIE2017 [5MB pdf] v.2017caha

Solar Cooking. slides @ SIE2016 [3 MB pdf] v.2014ta

Passive Solar and Solar Cooking @ Hopi K-Village Fall 2016 [2MB pdf]


Compilation of Solar Schoolhouse in the News Articles, updated August 2021 [5.4 MB]

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