Solar Emergency Preparedness Kit – FREE Workshop for Educators – Sacramento Nov 2nd

In collaboration with SMUD, we’re offering a FREE Workshop on November 2nd (4-7pm) to area Educators.

Participants will build a Solar Charged Emergency Preparedness Kit (coined E123) that includes: Solar modules mounted on repurposed campaign signs, wired to a USB charger, a LED Work-Flashlight (modified by you to allow for solar charging), and a mini-Power Bank (to store solar energy for charging cell phones on the go).


This workshop is designed to provide you with ideas to recreate in your own teaching environment, with your students. Designing and building a Solar Charging station that can be used on a routine basis, as well as for emergencies, provides you and your students with an opportunity to experiment with the magic of Photovoltaics (solar electric cells) and apply it toward creating a useful tool for AnyHome – AnyWhere.  There are many different designs possible, allowing your students the freedom to get creative.  In our design, we’ll be working with repurposed corrugated plastic campaign signs as a building material – as it has desirable waterproof and durability characteristics. We’ll also be keeping much of this material out of the landfill.

Designing and building practical solar solutions for your home, school, or community… helps raise solar literacy and increase understanding of what is possible as we help shape a clean energy future …together.

This workshop is targeted for Educators involved with grades 6-12. If you are working with students of these ages, but not in a traditional classroom, please consider joining us. To learn more and to register. Please share with interested colleagues. Call or email with any questions.

Location: Folsom Powerhouse Museum. 9980 Greenback Lane. Folsom, CA
When: Wednesday. November 2nd. 2016, 4-7pm.  It’s FREE, but RSVP required.

Looking forward,

 PS. For those that can’t make it to the workshop, we’ll have information on how to get materials for this projects the weeks ahead. Contact me with any questions.  tor @