Empowering Women

Sebastopol Carbon Conversations.
May 6th, 2020. 7-830pm @ Sebastopol Grange.

It’s FREE but Please RSVP BELOW. thanks!

Speaker: Amira Diamond, Women’s Earth Alliance.

Amira Diamond,
Women’s Earth Alliance

Amira will share how WEA is helping empower women worldwide, how this work improves lives, has a GHG reduction impact, and how we can help.

Background: “Advancing key areas of gender equity can reduce emissions—that is what defines the Women and Girls Sector. Access to education and voluntary family planning are basic human rights and should be secured simply because they are, yet significant gaps remain around the world today. They are included as solutions in Project Drawdown because advancing those rights has an effect on fertility rates and population growth. Population size is a key driver of demand for food, transportation, electricity, buildings, goods, etc., all with attendant emissions. Women smallholder farmers face disparity in rights, resources, and training compared with their male counterparts. Addressing inequity in agriculture is a solution in Project Drawdown due to its effect on improving farm yields and thus reducing deforestation for additional agricultural land. As a group, Educating Girls, Family Planning, and Women Smallholders form the Women and Girls Sector—an area often overlooked but key to reaching drawdown.” Source: Project Drawdown. https://www.drawdown.org/solutions/women-and-girls

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