Exploring at the Solar Discovery Faire

[July 14, 2018]

Our annual Solar Discovery Faire, held in Glendale, CA, provided an opportunity for students and teachers to share solar energy explorations with the community. The video below highlights the ingredients we had in this version of the Solar Discovery Faire. In this case, it was an independent event, focused on solar energy, supported by Glendale Water & Power. In other situations, the solar experience could be part of a larger event, such as the Heirloom Expo, North Bay Science Discovery Day, an Earth Day event, or a solar industry or Electric Vehicle event. Providing visitors a chance to participate in a hands-on manner, making a kinetic solar device or experimenting with solar fountains, helps demystify solar energy and begin the conversation of thinking how we can adopt solar technology in our own lives. We invite you to create your own Solar Discovery Faire to teach others about Solar Energy.