Frogsong Solar Notebook Workshop

Thanks for your interest in making your own Solar Notebook Charger. We call this one the E123 (Emergency 123) because it includes a 2600mAh Powerbank and 2 USB LED lightbulb/sticks to provide lighting, in addition to the ability to charge your cellphone.

The Workshop is Scheduled for March 13th, 2019 7pm. at community room @ Frogsong. We’ll bring all the kits, and additional materials needed to make the solar charger. There is an option to solder or not – that’s up to you.

To make sure we bring enough materials, please pre-purchase your kit via the BuyNow button below. This is via Paypal. and how we can collect funds via credit card. the price is $95. which includes the kit, extra materials, tool use, and leading the workshop. You do NOT have to login or register for Paypal to use this option. Just choose the Credit/debit Card option and it will allow you to checkout.

I’ll also have some accessories that you might be interested in, including a USB Power meter (see picture further down the page) that measures the charging behavior. It’s not a required item, but it’s useful if one wants to study, measure, and figure out best charging conditions. This is $10, and I’ll have these at the workshop. You can decide there if you’d like one, but bring a little cash to make it easy to buy.

Call or email with any questions. or 707-829-3154. See you soon.

Solar Notebook E123 Charger. Top: solar cells on coroplast, Middle: pouch with USB charger + USB LED Lights & Powerbank, [bottom] Powerbank + USB LED Light Bulb
USB Power Meter showing how long it took to charge, and how many mAh (Energy) was provided to the Powerbank. Also the Volts and Amps are shown.