Solar Schoolhouse in Glendale CA
Solar Schoolhouse is partnering with Glendale Water & Power to offer a variety of Teacher focused workshops, along with community-oriented events.

[3/12/20] Event Postponed.
We’ll announce a new date when available.

Celebrating Earth Day’s 50th Anniversay
@2020 Solar Discovery Faire.
Saturday, March 28th.  10am to 2pm
Location: Roosevelt Middle School,
222 E Acacia Ave, Glendale, CA 91205

2020 Solar Discovery Faire Flier. for printing (hi res) and web sharing (low res)

2020 t-shirt design

Questions: Contact Tor Allen     tor  @ (no spaces) or call 707-829-3154

Scenes from the 2018 Solar Discovery Faire.


Photos from the 2016 Solar Discovery Faire (below)


Video and Pictures from the 2014 Solar Discovery Faire at Wilson Middle School (courtesy of Ron)


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