Solar Schoolhouse in Glendale CA
Since 2007 The Rahus Institute has partnered with Glendale Water and Power to bring the Solar Schoolhouse program to local schools and the community.  Education Energized by the Sun describes the mission of Solar Schoolhouse providing educators the tools for exploring the science and art of designing with sunshine, improving lives, and shaping a clean energy future. A reoccurring theme is to provide classroom resources through educator workshops, helping teachers integrate clean energy lessons into their class curriculum in a fun and engaging manner. We’ve also organized events for the whole community, including the annual Solar Discovery Faire where students lead hands-on activities for community visitors. The program evolves each year, while the mission remains the same – that participants become active participants in helping shape a clean energy future.

Contact: Tor Allen or call 707-829-3154

Check out some highlights from School Year 2022-23 in the newsletter below

Scenes from the 2018 Solar Discovery Faire.


Photos from the 2016 Solar Discovery Faire (below)


Video and Pictures from the 2014 Solar Discovery Faire at Wilson Middle School (courtesy of Ron)