Glendale Lending Library

For educators in City of Glendale, California.


1. View items available for check-out online

2. Email or call Wendy Hart to reserve items for 3 weeks. Email  or call 818-957-3275  and arrange a time and date to pick-up and return the items.  

3. Pick-up items at the prearranged time, check inventory of set(s) prior to taking. Pickup address is 3516 Henrietta Ave, La Crescenta, CA 91214

4. Use the items for your lessons.  Then take inventory of parts and repack neatly.  Leave a post-it note in a set if needed to identify any broken or missing parts.

5. Return the set(s) at the prearranged time and date, an inventory of the items will be taken at this time.

6. Take the online survey to let us know about your experience, this helps insure continued funding for this educator resource.  Additionally, it helps us make improvements and additions to Solar Schoolhouse material and lessons.

Thanks, The Solar Schoolhouse Team