Grange: Solar Preparedness Charger Workshop


Workshop: Build your own Solar Notebook -Emergency Preparedness Charger

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Solar Notebook E123 Charger. Top: solar cells on coroplast, Middle: pouch with USB charger + USB LED Lights & Powerbank, [bottom] Powerbank + USB LED Light Bulb
Solar Notebook E123 Charger. Top: solar cells on coroplast, Middle: pouch with USB charger + USB LED Lights & Powerbank, [bottom] Powerbank + USB LED Light Bulb
At this workshop, participants will build their own Solar Notebook Charger, designed to charge your cell phone or a powerbank (portable battery), and provide lighting using USB LED light bulb & stick.  The charger can be used on a routine basis, for camping, and for emergencies.   As we reflect on the recent fires, this is an opportunity to better prepare ourselves for the future. It’s also a chance to learn more about solar electricity and one of it’s many applications.

If you’d like to take a peek at the instructions for building the Solar Notebook Charger, peek here.

Instructors: Tor and Dena Allen, have lead Solar Schoolhouse workshops over the past 15 years, providing educators with hands-on solar energy projects they can share with their students.  Solar Schoolhouse is a project of The Rahus Institute, a local non-profit founded by Tor with the mission of promoting greater use of renewable energy.

The cost is $80 for the complete kit, along with workshop materials. For reference the nearest equivalent ready-to-use solar charger costs at least $120 (or 50% more). In creating this design, we’ve tried to balance cost, function, durability, and flexibility.

Purchase or Donate

Please reserve your space at the workshop by purchasing a kit via the ADD TO CART button above.  You can also purchase additional kits for friends or colleagues that you’ll invite to attend with you.

If you’re able to donate  a kit to another Granger, return to this page after the Paypal page has opened, and select Donate Notebook from the drop-down menu below. this will add a Donated kit to your Shopping cart.  Follow the CREDIT CARD path to process.  Your receipt is your ticket to the workshop.

If you ‘Purchase‘ a kit, then you are signing up to build this for yourself. If you want invite a friend to join you in building their own and want to give this as gift, simply increase the number of kits in the ‘Purchase’ option and leave a note in the comments section during the checkout process. If you’d like to DONATE  a kit to someone that we choose, then click on the ‘Donate Notebook’ option.

Location: Sebastopol Grange,
6000 Sebastopol Ave, Hwy 12, Sebastopol, CA

Instructors:  Tor and Dena Allen

Date: Sunday,  January 21st, 2018    Time: 1-4 pm

Cost: $80 for the materials to build one Solar Notebook -Emergency Preparedness Charger

Contact: or 707-829-3154 with any questions.

Sponsored by The Rahus Institute, Solar Schoolhouse, Sebastopol Grange

About Solar Schoolhouse – A program of Sebastopol-based The Rahus Institute, the Solar Schoolhouse program provides curriculum, educational kits, and professional development for teachers wishing to integrate solar energy activities into their classrooms.