Oxnard teachers shine in solar-technology training

[October 30, 2013] Oxnard teachers shine in solar-technology training
[Article in Ventura County Star] The 35 Oxnard science teachers at the Teaching Solar Workshop at the Channel Islands Boating Center last week agreed the event was invaluable. The hands-on training was designated for seventh- and eighth-grade teachers from Fremont, Frank and Haydock intermediate schools and required them to learn how to create a solar-powered charging station.

Catherine Kawaguchi, the Oxnard School District’s assistant superintendent of educational services, said the workshop was set up so teachers at the STEAM — science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics — academies could take the information back to their classrooms to share with their students. In the morning hours, author John Perlin spoke about his book “Let It Shine,” a history of solar power. Teachers received a copy. Then Tor Allen of Solar Schoolhouse, a California leader in energy education, told the group that increasing solar literacy in schools is an important step toward a clean-energy future. “As we learn more about the effects of our current fossil-fuel-based energy habits, getting reacquainted with the sun, the primary energy source on Earth, is rich with hope and possibilities,” Allen said. “Raising students’ solar IQ will prepare them to be active participants in creating and adopting clean-energy solutions going forward.”  READ MORE