Solar Schoolhouse Projects

Name Description
Solar Cell Classroom SetThe Solar Cell Classroom Set helps facilitate qualitative and quantitative solar cell explorations, and provides ingredients for making Whirlygigs, Carnivals, and Spin Art.
CARNIVALSolar Carnivals! Get creative building solar powered kinetic 'Rides'.
Solar EtchingSunshine + magnifying glass + piece of wood + creativity = great works of art
Solar Notebook Charger
Solar Notebook + E123 Charger
The Solar Notebook Charger uses one or two custom solar modules, a USB car charger, and some creativity to create a solar phone charger.
Solar Pizza Box CookerA great project for exploring thermodynamics (conduction, convection, radiation), low cost, and fun way to capture the sun. Temperatures can reach 200F inside the box, enough to bake cookies!
Solar WhirlygigMake a solar powered kinetic art sculpture that demonstrates the power of solar cells. Several options are highlighted.
Sunbaked Clay MedallionsUsing Oven bake clay, make and bake a medallion in your solar oven. Add Energy or magazine beads for extra flair.
Solar Fountains
Solar powered fountain made with copper tubing and a recycled copper bowl.
Solar cells + a DC pump = fountain. For school gardens or portable teaching opportunities
Solar Site AnalysisEvaluating shading at a proposed solar site is an important step for any solar project. This project uses simple, low-cost tools to conduct this analysis.
Human SundialHuman Sundials are a fun math challenge, and a great addition to schoolyard or garden.
DIY Solar PanelEncapsulation-DIYSolarModules_MM2007smBuild a Custom DIY Solar Panel using chipped solar cells, epoxy for encapsulant, and masonite board.