Solar Schoolhouse Projects

Solar EtchingSunshine + magnifying glass + piece of wood + creativity = great works of art
Solar BoomBoxBuilding a boombox is a simple project requiring only a pair of recycled speakers, earbuds, and a box. Hook up an MP3 player with a solar charger and you have a Solar Boombox that lets you play your music anywhere.
ZipchargerThe Solar ZipCharger Kit is a build-it-yourself solar cell phone or mp3/ipod charger. Any small device that has it’s own rechargeable battery can be powered with the ZipCharger. Two 1.25 watt @ 12vdc (100mA) solar laminates come together in this zippered travel wallet, with an auto socket for charging cellphones. A USB car charger is included to power devices with USB cords.
Solar Notebook ChargerThe ‘Notebook’ is similar to the Zipcharger, but uses 4 solar laminates to increase current required by newer phones (eg. iPhone 4 & 5). Instead of a zippered wallet, you get creative and build a ‘notebook’ made of cardboard and duct tape to house and protect the solar laminates.
Solar Pizza Box CookerA great project for exploring thermodynamics (conduction, convection, radiation), low cost, and fun way to capture the sun. Temperatures can reach 200F inside the box, enough to bake cookies!
Solar WhirlygigMake a solar powered kinetic art sculpture that demonstrates the power of solar cells. Several options are highlighted.
Solar Powered Lunch Boxaka Solar Emergency Preparedness Kit. Solar cells charge the 12v battery, providing power for a custom LED light and to charge phones and other devices.
Sunbaked Clay MedallionsUsing Oven bake clay, make and bake a medallion in your solar oven. Add Energy or magazine beads for extra flair.
Solar FountainsSolar cells + a DC pump = fountain. For school gardens or portable teaching opportunities
Solar Schoolhouse Human SundialThe Solar Schoolhouse has an online human sundial calculator that generates plans for making your own human sundial. All you need to generate plans is your zip code or your location’s latitude and longitude measurements.
DIY Solar PanelEncapsulation-DIYSolarModules_MM2007smBuild a Custom DIY Solar Panel using chipped solar cells, epoxy for encapsulant, and masonite board.

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