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March 4, 2020:Drive Electric : Road Trips, Vehicles & Infrastructure.

Presentation Slides: Cecelia Sullivan’s US/Canada Road Trip. Tor’s Bolt road trip etc.

Feb. 12, 2020: Hike the Divide. A conversation about Climate Action on the Continental Divide Trail. Film Shown at Analy High School.

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Carbon Pricing. Feb. 5th 2020.

Dr. Peter Joseph, Citizen Climate Lobby, shares details of the Carbon Fee and Dividend proposal as a means for accelerating climate action at the national level.

Regenerative Agriculture – a Natural Climate Solution. Jan. 15, 2020

Video Recording of Jan 15th, 2020 Sebastopol Carbon Conversation, themed Regenerative Agriculture – a Natural Climate Solution. Featuring Lauren Lum (California Climate Action Network), and Elizabeth Kaiser (Singing Frogs Farm). with Q&A following the presentations.

October 2019: Mary DeMocker – The Parents Guide to Climate Revolution

Workshop Video (from 10/20/19)

Additional resources from Mary’s talk

Sept. 4, 2019: An Introduction to Drawdown with Crystal Chissell .

Crystal Chissell presents an Introduction to Project Drawdown in the first Sebastopol Carbon Conversation, on September 4, 2019 @ Sebastopol Grange. Crystal also provides an update on how the Drawdown resource ( with 100 solutions for reversing Global Warming ranked) is being used around the world to help shape Climate Action plans. And what new research directions the organization is pursuing – for example: modeling Oceans, Peace (ie. the cost of war), Reducing Consumption, and Equity. The first 30 minutes is Crystal’s presentation (after ~ 3 min Introduction by Tor), followed by Q&A from audience. In future Sebastopol Carbon Conversations, we’ll dig deeper into the specific solutions identified in Drawdown.
Drawdown solutions are available online and also in book format.