Earthday 2016 @ the Solar Discovery Faire


On Earthday 2016, Rosemont Middle School in Southern California hosted the annual Solar Discovery Faire. The event was organized by Solar Schoolhouse, sponsored by Glendale Water & Power, and run by district teachers and student volunteers.  The community was invited to this FREE event as a way to become familiar with solar energy and what we can do with it, through a series of fun hands-on activities.  These included making solar whirlygigs, baking clay medallions in solar ovens, making solar greeting cards, racing solar boats,  getting creative by etching designs on wood using a magnifying glass, building solar fountains, and sampling solar cooked treats. Families were also able to talk with several local solar vendors about options for their own homes.   Solar Discovery Faires are a great way to introduce the Sun,  the primary energy source here on Earth, to your community in an accessible and fun manner.  Consider including an interactive solar energy activity at your own event, to start the conversation about how sunshine can be a big part of our clean energy future.