Sebastopol Carbon Conversations…starts with Project Drawdown Sep. 4th

Sebastopol Carbon Conversations presents….

An Introduction to Drawdown, with Crystal Chissell

September 4th, 2019. 7:30pm
@ Sebastopol Grange. FREE

The Workshop…

“At Project Drawdown, we seek to change the discourse of the climate crisis from fear, confusion, and conflict to solutions, possibility, and opportunities to create the future we want”

Through comprehensive research and analysis, Project Drawdown has ranked the top 100 solutions to reversing global warming based on greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction potential.  All of these solutions are in place today. The solutions range from the technological (such as renewable energy, electrification of transportation, energy-efficient building practices, etc.) with Earth-based methods of carbon drawdown (such as planting trees, preserving existing forests and practicing regenerative agriculture). At this workshop, and future Sebastopol Carbon Conversations, we’ll ask ourselves ‘What can we, as individuals and collectively, do about Climate Change. In the process, we’ll discover roles for ourselves in shaping a better future.

This workshop will provide the foundation for our future carbon conversations as we look closer into the many solutions.

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About Sebastopol Carbon Conversations

Sebastopol Carbon Conversations is hosted by The Rahus Institute and Sebastopol Grange.  The series takes a closer look at the many solutions for reversing global warming as presented in Project Drawdown  and other sources. We’ll learn from local organizations that are working on Climate solutions in agriculture, renewable energy, reducing waste, empowering women, transportation, building design, carbon sequestration, and more.   Through this exploration, we’ll discover where we each can take small to large steps, help shape a better future, and still enjoy the day (smile, get a good night’s sleep, dance, sing, play music). To Learn more and to Check out the Fall 2019 Schedule