Sebastopol USD passes Climate Change Resolution

Encouraged by Youth Activists, Sebastopol School District Passes a Resolution Recognizing Climate Change as a Children’s Issue

SEBASTOPOL, CA [2017.12.05]— At its December 4th board meeting, the Sebastopol Union School District board of trustees unanimously and enthusiastically approved a resolution recognizing climate change as a children’s issue and resolving to establish a Climate Change Committee to develop recommendations for taking action on climate change in the school district. The board’s action was encouraged by a group of young teens, parents and teachers in the Sebastopol area from a newly formed group called Schools for Climate Action.

In adopting the resolution, the board recognizes that the children of today will bear the burden of the impacts of climate change, and also that our schools have a responsibility to equip them with opportunities to respond with creative and bold action. The board also affirmed that institutions and
elected leaders at all levels have a responsibility to respond in constructive ways to the challenge of addressing climate change.

Sebastopol Union School District has a commitment to providing our students with an education that nurtures their development as globally-minded citizens,” said Trustee Lawrence Jaffe. “Putting this into practice by tackling climate change in our schools not only makes a contribution to reducing greenhouse gases but it provides real-world leadership experiences for our children and school community.”

The Climate Change Committee, which will be formed in January, may focus on topics such as energy efficiency and renewable energy, water conservation, waste diversion, and landscaping, as well as opportunities for education and student engagement. Membership in the Committee will be open to board members, school employees, parents, students, and community members.

“This resolution is a great step forward into a healthy future for generations to come,” said Joey Thompson, an eighth grade student at Brook Haven School who attended the board meeting along with several other students and parents to express support for the resolution. “Sebastopol Union is a role model for other districts to follow to make a cleaner, more sustainable world.”

The full text of the resolution is included here. Sebastopol community members, students and staff are encouraged to express their interest in joining the Climate Change Committee by emailing Trustee Lawrence Jaffe at
More information about Schools for Climate Action is available on their website.