2018 Solar Schoolhouse Summer Institute for Educators …registration open

[2017.12.29] The 5-day Solar Schoolhouse Summer Institute for Educators (SIE) for 2018 is scheduled for July 22th-27th, in Sebastopol, California. This is the 16th year we’ve offered this solar energy  professional development experience for educators.  Consistent themes are hands-on, relevant, real-world… and fun!  As you explore Climate Science and it’s effects with your students, it’s important to provide an element of hope… through exploring clean energy options. Increased solar literacy provides students the necessary tools to become active participants as we move toward a clean energy future.
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Educators at the 2017 Solar Schoolhouse Summer Institute at Red H Farm with farmer Caiti. Yes, photosynthesis is related to sunshine! and it helps grow food. yum!

Participating Educators learn the fundamentals and history of passive solar design, solar thermal, and solar electricity, then apply these lessons in a variety of projects (simple solar ovens, model solar homes, solar powered fountains, cell phone chargers, LED lights, and more).  Lessons are adapted to your teaching situation and aligned with Common Core & Next Generation Science Standard goals.

Limited scholarships are available. To Learn more and to Register visit https://solarschoolhouse.org/sie2018/

Consider sponsoring an educator in your area to attend. Contact Tor  tor@rahus.org or 707-829-3154 for more information.
Scenes from Solar Schoolhouse
Scenes from Solar Schoolhouse