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Educators at the 2017 Solar Schoolhouse Summer Institute at Red H Farm with farmer Caiti. Yes, photosynthesis is related to sunshine! and it helps grow food. yum!

About the 2022 Solar Schoolhouse Summer Institute: Educators attending this summer seminar (our 17th annual!) will learn about the science and history of heating, cooling and powering our homes with the Sun. Participants will build solar cookers, model passive solar homes, solar electric fountains, a solar powered emergency kit,  conduct energy audits – and tailor lessons for your classroom situation.. We will conduct the seminar at the Rahus Institute, a solar powered work/live facility & workshop. In addition to learning the science of proper building design (e.g. thermodynamics, electricity, seasonal changes) and how to fit these exercises into your curriculum, participants will walk away with practical knowledge that they can apply in their own lives. Integrating solar energy education into your curriculum can provide an element of excitement and hope for the future.

Materials include: Solar Cell Classroom Set, Solar Fountain Sculpture Set, project materials for Solar Notebook Charger, Model Solar Home, solar cooker (pizza box or variation), Solar Art (etching, clay), Posters, and Curriculum (Teaching Solar, Your Solar Home, Solar Decathlon, more).  Curriculum and activities are Common Core and NGSS aligned.

When:  June 20-24, 2022 @ Solar Schoolhouse (Rahus Institute) in Sebastopol, CA

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OR PRINT  Application [pdf] or [Word Doc]and email/fax/mail it in.

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June 20-24
, 2022
Location: Rahus Institute/Solar Schoolhouse, Sebastopol, CA
Check-in: Monday, June 20th after 4 pm…
Seminar: Monday, June 20th 7pm to Friday June 24th 4pm
Lodging and all meals are included.  As part of the registration fee, a stipend for lodging is provided for nearby options (hotel, airbnb, etc.) (Sebastopol), .   Onsite camping is available at a discounted rate, assuming you bring your own tent & gear (food is still included). Check with Dena for details dena@rahus.org.

Seminar Costs:

  • A $2300 includes instruction, lodging stipend, food & materials. All meals included. We’ve arranged discounted pricing for a block of rooms at Fairfield Inn in Sebastopol, but you are welcome to stay at a local airbnb or another hotel. Materials include: Solar Cell Classroom Set #SCS4, Solar Fountain Sculpture Set w. 14 watt solar module, project materials for Solar Notebook Charger, Model Solar Home, solar cooker (pizza box), Solar Art (etching, clay, whirligig, spinart), and Curriculum (Teaching Solar, Your Solar Home, Solar Decathlon, more).
  • B $1600 Onsite camping option. Includes all food, materials, curriculum, and instruction as Option A.  Only difference is lodging option.  Camping onsite assumes you’ll bring your own camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, etc.).  Bathroom and showers are accessible.
  • C $1600 Local Commute Option.  Includes all food, materials, curriculum, and instruction as Option A.  Assumes you live close enough to stay at home and commute each day to Sebastopol workshop site.  Or you’ve made your own lodging arrangements.

Professional Development Credits:
We’ve arranged for Continuing Education Units through California State University Sacramento.
Educators will be able to earn 3 CEUs. Sign up onsite.

Field Trips during the week will Include:
*Solar Powered School – West County (Analy) High School, Sebastopol
*Successful Organic Farm – Singing Frogs Farm (or similar)

Recreational Options.
Swimming – at Ives Pool, or Russian River.
Bicycling – explore the area on dedicated bike paths and country roads.
Walking – Ragle Park is nearby (<1 mi) with many trails.
Bodega Bay is 20 minutes away.
Kubb, Bocce, archery games onsite.

Sponsors: Rahus is managing sponsorships for educators from schools served by the following organizations: Glendale Water & Power, City of Lompoc Electric Utilities, City of Colton. Additional sponsorships may be available for educators in other areas of the state. Fill out the application to request a sponsorship and we will attempt to connect you with a sponsorship in timely fashion so you can firm up summer plans. 

We also recommend checking with your school district for Professional Development funds to support your participation in this workshop.

Summer Institute Sponsorships: We are actively seeking additional sponsors for the summer institute. Please contact Tor Allen at 707-829-3154 or tor@rahus.org about sponsoring a teacher in your area. Equipment donations are also welcome. $2300 pays for one teacher to attend the Summer Institute and a set of classroom materials. Your contribution allows us to provide sponsorships to proactive educators, regardless of their location. Thanks for your Support!

Important Dates

Registration Deadline: June 1, 2022.   Sign up soon. Space is limited.
Seminar: June 20- 6pm to June 24th 4pm.

About Solar Schoolhouse – SSh is a K-12 energy education program developed by The Rahus Institute, a non-profit 501c3 organization. The program uses the sun as a starting point for teaching about energy resources, conservation, and other energy topics. Elements include teacher workshops, educational kits, and special projects.
Questions? Contact Tor Allen at 707-829-3154 or info@rahus.org

Scenes from 2017 Summer Institute for Educators below

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