Solar Cell Explorations – SoCo Workshop for Educators

Saturday October 14 9am-3pm


4 Sided reflector increases Performance of Solar Cell

4 Sided reflector increases Performance of Solar Cell

Who: This is workshop is for Sonoma County Educators.

What: In this workshop.
– share strategies for exploring the magic of solar electricity in your classroom.
– conduct various solar explorations using small solar cells.
– Learn  electrical circuit basics.
– Apply knowledge toward creating a project, the Solar Carnival.
– design and build a portable solar fountain sculpture.
– Design and build a model Solar Carnival Ride.
– Conduct an experiment with Mini Solar fountain that works in rain or shine!

What you’ll receive:
(1 set per teacher)
Your Solar Home Guidebook + DVD
Your Solar Home – set of Readers for your class

(1 set per school or organization)
Solar Cell Classroom Set
Solar Fountain Sculpture Set +PV Module
A set of Mini DC fountain pumps, for use in mini Solar Fountain Activity, and/or Solar Carnival water rides.

Where: Solar Schoolhouse (Rahus). 7966 Mill Station Rd. Sebastopol, CA
When: October 14th, 2017. 9am-3pm. We’ll have some eats to fuel you through the Lunchtime.

Call Tor @ 707-829-3154 (or text 707-228-6557) or via email with any questions.

If you didn’t already receive a Solar Cell Classroom Set and Fountain Set, you’ll receive these, along with an accessory set for the SOLAR CARNIVAL project. [One set per school. ]

These activities are a precursor to the other solar electric projects (fountain, charger) that you may explore with your class(es). 

It’s FREE but please RSVP here.  Space is limited so RSVP asap.

This workshop is sponsored by grants from Sonoma Clean Power and The Dean Witter Family Foundation.

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