Solar Greeting Cards 2020

Greetings! In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day in 2020, we offered this cool project free to students attending elementary school in Glendale Unified School District.

A light weight solar cell is connected to a music module that plays a ‘sunny’ tune when placed in the sun. You’ll add color and a personal message to make this card solarific!

Solar Greeting Card designs shown above. If you’d like a different design, download and print one of these, or consider collaging using craft paper or old magazines that you might have at home. 1. Kokopelli – Running on Sunshine, 2. Living the Solar Life, 3. The Solution Rises Every Day – Discover Solar, 4. Happy Earth Day.

About Solar Schoolhouse Glendale

Since 2008, The Rahus Institute has partnered with Glendale Water & Power to offer Glendale area schools the Solar Schoolhouse program. Working with teachers, we provide lessons & project materials to engage students in exploring solar energy, a renewable resource. The annual Solar Discovery Faire invites families to explore various ways we use solar energy through hands-on activities.


Share your Creation!

Have an adult email us a picture of your solar greeting card art after you have decorated it for a chance to have your creation displayed on our website. If you’ve decorated the inside of the card, send 2 pictures – one of the outside and one of the inside. Email with the Title “Solar Greeting Card Art” and attach the photo as a jpg.  Please include your FirstNameLastInitial +SchoolName in the email subject line. For example, my name is Tor Allen and I attend Rahus School, so it would be “Solar Greeting Card TorA Rahus”  in the email subject line. We’ll post your art work in the coming weeks.

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