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Greetings!  We’re in the process of transferring our Solar Schoolhouse curriculum to an online format, creating a library we’re calling SolarK12.

Currently we have the following posted.

TeachingSolar-DVD-300-2-smTeaching Solar Guidebooka Teacher’s guide to Integrating Solar  in the Classroom Curriculum.
This guide and DVD present engaging new solar curricula that have evolved based on the experiences of teachers in their classrooms. It details the step-by-step Solar Schoolhouse approach of teaching solar based on experimentation. Although the basic principles for using the sun’s energy are fairly simple, the applications of these principles are constantly evolving. Nothing gets students, and teachers, more excited than to actually experiment with solar technology by powering electrical loads or cooking with sunlight.
Additional Features:
• Film with video tutorials and interviews with teachers discussing their experiences teaching about solar energy
• Worksheets & Project Guides
• Outdoor Environmental Activities Guide
• Solar Science Fair Project Ideas
• Solar Discovery Faire Activities Guide
• Solar Schoolhouse Olympics Guidelines
• Related National Teaching Standards for Elementary, Middle and High School K–12


Classroom Curriculum:
YSH-book-DVD-1Your Solar Home Student Guidebook
The Art and Science of Heating, Cooling and Powering Your Home with the Sun
Use this comprehensive textbook in class to teach the scientific principles behind the many ways the sun’s energy can be used to heat, cool and power your home. A perfect resource for renewable energy year-long, semester-long or module courses. Includes informative diagrams, review questions, a glossary and 19 solar projects.
Topics Include:
• Solar orientation through the seasons
• Principles of energy and heat transfer
• Passive solar heating and cooling
• Heating water with the sun
• Cooking with sunlight
• Solar electricity
• Historical references, real world connections, and interesting solar energy facts

Your Solar Home DVD (Video)
An introduction to the basic scientific principles and vocabulary of solar energy and solar home design. This easy to understand video demystifies the concepts implemented in solar homes. Includes subtitles in six languages. Use as an introduction to solar energy in your classroom.


ONLINE Courses are also available for Educators wishing to get an introduction to Solar Energy for their classroom.


SOLARK12 Online courses for Educators from Solar Schoolhouse
Course ID#Course NameDescriptiontime required
SSH55Intro to SolarWhySolarPicThis course is a short introduction to solar energy concepts for teachers and curriculum developers in preparation for attending a Solar Primer Workshop.30 minutes
This course is a basic introduction to using solar energy in your home. You’ll see how to keep your house warm in the winter, and cool in the summer, using just sunlight for fuel. You’ll also find out how to pasteurize water and cook food with the Sun. You’ll even see how to turn sunlight into electricity.
There are hands-on projects to build and experiment with, and several solar history examples. At the end of each unit is a short review quiz. Graduates receive a certificate of completion.

This is shorter course based on the Your Solar Home curriculum.
3-5 hrs
YSH Cover copy 150x192
Based on Solar Schoolhouse's "Your Solar Home" Curriculum, using the HOME as the central theme from which to study solar energy.
This course shows how to heat, cool and power your house with sunlight. It also explores heating water and cooking food with the Sun.

The course has seven modules with a total of thirty lessons and hundreds of illustrations. Short video clips introduce the basic concepts, followed by more detailed explanations.

There are hands-on projects to build and experiment with, and several solar history and current real world examples. At the end of each unit is a short review quiz. Graduates receive a certificate of completion.
10-20 hrs

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