Solar Spin Art

Mesmerize your students with this solar powered art project! A solar cell powers a motor attached to a 2″ yellow wheel. Attach a paper disc to the wheel using double-sided tape. Add direct sunshine and colored pens and watch the magic happen. The completed artwork can be attached to a whirlygig project, or to a necklace medallion, or used to create a button, or taped/glued onto/into a nature journal (sketch book).

This is a low cost way to add a solar cell (photovoltaic) experience to your class, after-school program, outdoor school, or summer camp. When sunlight hits a solar cell producing electricity and making a motor spin is a magical moment. By shading the solar cell, one can see the immediate impact on electrical production. Switching the wires you’ll discover that polarity matters. The Art project can be used to discuss how this solar cell technology is being used in our world, to help provide clean electricity, reducing Greenhouse Gases (GHGs), and improve our lives.

We offer several options for sale.
#SSH-SSA8, 8 Solar Spin Art Bases: $169
#SSH-SSA4, 4 Solar Spin Art Bases: $95
Each Set of 4 or 8, comes with a roll of double-sided tape and a colored pen set to get started. And a convenient carrying case.
#SSH-SSA1 Individual Solar Spin Art Bases (2v*200mA solar cell with wire & clips, dc motor, wire, wheel, 3/4″ pvc coupling, assembled on a coroplast base) are available for $25/each

#SSH-SSA1P – Solar Spin Art Base Parts. Assembly required. Requires soldering & glue gun tools. includes: 2v*200mA solar cell with wire & clips, dc motor, wire, wheel, 3/4″ pvc coupling, pre cut coroplast (repurposed campaign signs) base. $12/each

Visit the Solar Schoolhouse Store to purchase Solar Spin Art Sets

Solar Spin Art Set (#SSH-SSA8). 8 Bases and case shown on right


Instructions for assembling the Solar Spin Art Base. pdf. 20190717
The Video tutorial above will also help visualize the process.

If you have a Solar Cell Classroom Set (SCS3), here is how to use the motors, wheels, solar cells in your set for a Spin Art activity.
[20210707 PDF]

Downloadable templates

Download these templates for 2″ diameter circular discs with a solar reminder that this art was created with sunshine. Recommend printing on cardstock. Cut out with scissors. The designs are light grey so they can be colored over or on the back of the artwork.

Download Template for Created with Sunshine. pdf
Download Template for Art By Sol. pdf.
Download Template for Discover Solar pdf

Sources: for pre-cut paper discs. Search for “Paper Button Circles” to find several options at online stores.