SSH101 Module 1: The Earth and the Sun

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Module One starts by looking at why the sun’s position in the sky changes. We’ll see how these changes cause winter and summer, and use this knowledge to get the most solar energy all year long.

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Module 1 Module 1: The Earth and the Sun
Unit 1 1.1   Introduction to Module 1
Unit 2 1.2   The Sun's Path Across the Sky
Unit 3 1.3.1   The Reasons for the Seasons
Unit 4 1.3.2   The Sun's Angle and Intensity
Unit 5 1.3.3   Measuring the Sun's Position
Unit 6 1.3.4   Altitude & Azimuth
Unit 7 1.3.5   Graphing the Sun's Path
Unit 8 1.4.1   Finding True South
Unit 9 1.4.2   Magnetic Declination
Unit 10 Module 1 Project 1: Sundials & Shadow Tracings
Unit 11 Module 1 Project 2: Sun Angle Quadrant
Unit 12 Module 1 Project 3: Solar Azimuth Finder
Unit 13 Module 1 Quiz: The Earth & the Sun

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