SSh December20 Special

Special offer! December 2020

We’ve put together a bundle of our favorite resources, plus a New Poster, and a Whirlygig Solar Kit, and two vintage solar devices for your emergency preparedness kit. We stuffed as much as would fit in a flat rate USPS box, so you’ll be ready for 2021. We only have a limited supply of these items, so get it while supplies last. The Bundle Price is $97.67 (including shipping, add Sales Tax if in California).
If you’re a school, and would like additional quantities of particular items, contact Tor with any questions.

Click on this link to purchase the Solar Schoolhouse Dec2020 Bundle.

The Bundle includes:
Drawdown (the book) ranking the top 100 solutions to reversing Global Warming. Excellent addition to your classroom as students explore solutions to shape a better future.
No One is Too Small to make a Difference” by Greta Thunberg. a compilation of her remarkable speeches.
A Parents Guide to Climate Revolution” by Mary DeMocker. Excellent resource for ideas in civic engagement.
Your Solar Home Guidebook & DVD” Rahus Institute. Curriculum for designing solar homes. 5th grade and above.
Solar Decathlon” book and link to documentary. Rahus Institute. Highlighting the 2005 and 07 Solar Decathlon (solar home design) competitions.
PosterThe Magic of Solar Cells“. Rahus-Solar Schoolhouse 2020
Solar Radio – dynamo & solar powered.
Solar Powered Dive Light – waterproof solar flashlight
Solar Whirlygig Kit A4 – make a solar powered kinetic sculpture.

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