Promoting Renewable Energy through Education

The Rahus Institute – a 501c3 non-profit corporation. founded in 1998.

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Why Solar?   5 minute video on why explore and promote solar energy.

Solar Schoolhouse – Education Energized by the Sun – planting seeds of solar literacy throughout the k12 spectrum

Professional Development for Teachers – a ‘train the trainers’ strategy for increasing ability to reach more people

Developing and distributing Curriculum


Developing and distributing classroom kits


Developing and distributing project kits, examples include:

Developing new tools

Organizing Events


  • Solar Schoolhouse Calendars
  • Presenting at Educational Conferences. eg. Educating for Careers, Science Teacher conferences, Maker Education, etc.
  • Newsletters – Solar Schoolhouse Class Notes
  • through partners  – provide them with content & materials. eg. Bonneville Environmental Foundation

How to pay for it all and keep it going?

for us it’s a combination of grants, sponsors, partnerships, and sales.