Teach Climate Workshop Series

Has your school passed a Climate Change Resolution and you’re wondering  how to introduce the subject to your students?

In collaboration with local teachers, The Rahus Institute is organizing a series of workshops where teachers will share successful strategies for integrating Climate Change into their classrooms. These strategies include developing Empathy for nature and others, Exploring the science, and Empowering students to develop solutions that can be implemented at school or in the community. Through an integrated approach, students emerge with skills to help shape a sustainable future, while meeting Common Core, Next Generation Science, and Social Studies Standards.

Workshops are intended for k12 Educators. All workshops will be held at the Sebastopol Grange, unless noted otherwise.

We plan to post resources from each workshop online afterward, and to continue sharing experiences and strategies toward integrating Climate Change in your classrooms. For Questions email teachclimate@rahus.org

Click on the link in the Subject column to learn more about a workshop and to register.
Workshops are FREE but registration is required. Thanks!

Workshops Scheduled:

Date SubjectLocation
September 4, 2019
Teach Climate - Workshop for k12 Educators. Featuring Sheila Morrissey, 6th gr Teacher from Kenwood School. Sebastopol Grange, Sebastopol, CA
October 20, 2019 330-530pmAuthor Mary DeMocker presents "Why We can still build a Thriving Future & easy ways to help"Author of "The Parents Guide to Climate Revolution".This talk is for the whole community, teachers included. Sebastopol Grange, Sebastopol, CA
November 19, 2019 930-330Beginner Workshop with the National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation. Sebastopol Grange, Sebastopol, CA

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