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GlendaleSolarDiscoveryFaire2014 027_web-Celine-NotebookThe ‘Notebook’ is similar to the Zipcharger, but uses 4 solar laminates to increase current required by newer phones (eg. iPhone 4 & 5). Instead of a zippered wallet, you get creative and build a ‘notebook’ made of cardboard and duct tape to house and protect the solar laminates. Make sure to extend your creativity to designing the cover – make a collage from magazines (solar, nature, eco) to develop a cool design with a message.

Instructions for building the Solar Notebook Charger [pdf, updated on June 18, 2014]

[August 23, 2014] Sacramento Teachers build Solar Notebook Chargers at Solar Primer Workshop
Thirty teachers gathered in Sacramento at SMUD Energy Technology Center on recent Saturday to learn how to integrate solar energy lessons into their classrooms. They also built solar cell phone/mp3 chargers using cardboard, duct tape, and solar cells. The Notebook chargers provide a practical application for solar electricity – charging the battery on your mobile device using only the energy of the sun. Educators also built a small motor-driven whirlygig – a kinetic sculpture – that when powered by the solar notebook, demonstrates how solar cells work. Solar Notebook Charger Kits are available from Solar Schoolhouse (Rahus Institute).

Images [below] for assembling a kinetic sculpture (whirlygig) powered by the solar cells of the Solar Notebook Charger. the 12v dc motor on this project matches the 12v power supply of the Notebook.




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