See Film “Tomorrow” today! Earthweek 2017


Review by Caitlyn Thomasson

Hope.  This is the inspiring emotion that energized everyone in the crowd during the screening for the film “Tomorrow,” by Cyril Dion, which introduces an empowering vision for the future of humanity and the environment, one that is optimistic, creative, and purposeful. 

This film highlights what our reality on earth could look like if people come together and apply regenerative and sustainable solutions in agriculture, energy, economics, democracy, and education. In facing the world’s biggest issues, it inspires humans to act on a local scale, by applying to the simple actions that everyone in the community can be part of.  The global solution is right in our backyard. 

This was not a depressing or scary film that leaves viewers paralyzed with fear or despair; it was an uplifting documentary that motivates collective action and passion. It also cleverly integrated the use of poetic, deliberate, and powerful messages within the lyrics throughout the sound score, by Fredrika Stahl. 

By documenting examples of real life solutions being conducted in communities of different scales all over the world, it was an effective way of bringing to light the power of people when they come together with a common goal of supporting a healthy planet for present and future generations to come.  This film is a must see for those who need some good news and action steps for making the world a better place!

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