Watt Trekker

WattTrekkerLOGO_600wIn Fall 2013 we launched a new online educational video series highlighting future careers and energy solutions. Watt Trekker In Search of Tomorrow’s Energy, sums it all up… ‘Watt” = Power, “Trekker” = someone seeking solutions. Our initial focus will be on the students and their homes, participating in the upcoming Solar Decathlon – a college-based competition to design & build super efficient, solar powered homes – which will be held in Irvine, California from October 3rd to 13th, 2013. Over 100 homes have participated since the first Solar Decathlon was created by the US Dept of Energy in 2002. This year is the first time out of Washington DC and with luck it’s landed in California, our home state. Nineteen homes from around the world will congregate in Irvine, forming a unique village that is completely solar powered.

Check out the 12 short episodes now posted at watttrekker.org