Your Solar Home: Video

Your Solar Home: The Art and Science of Heating, Cooling and Powering your Home with the Sun. (~ 24 minutes, 2004)

Your Solar Home video,  from the Rahus Institute, helps to demystify the concept of a solar home, from passive to active solar solutions, in a comprehensive and entertaining format. Viewers receive an introduction to:

  • Solar orientation through the seasons
  • Principles of energy and heat transfer
  • Heating water with the sun
  • Cooking with sunlight
  • Solar electricity
  • Historical references and interesting solar energy facts

Your Solar Home shows the scientific basis of the many ways to capture solar energy for heating, cooling and powering homes and buildings. Concepts are presented in an easy-to-understand format for all ages. For schools, students learn important scientific principles while also becoming more aware of ways to sustain our fragile environment.

“Great Video!  It makes my job easier by laying the foundation for my students to embark on their solar projects.” Bob Macholtz, Central Union HS